Health and Hygiene Condition of Female Tea Workers: A Study in Three Tea Gardens of Sylhet District

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Nibedita Chowdhury
Md. Abdul Ahad
Mitu Chowdhury
Indrajit Kundu
Tamanna Islam


Tea garden workers are the most deprived section in Bangladesh, especially female tea workers. The present study is an attempt to explore the health and hygiene condition of the female tea laborers, especially laborers of the Malnichara, Lakkatoorah and Tarapur tea estate in Sylhet district. The study was conducted through a personal interview with 80 purposively selected sample respondents. The study reveals that almost all are illiterate. Nearly 70% are living in an extended type of family, and their household’s monthly income is between 5000-6000 Taka, whereas their monthly family expenses are almost equal to their earnings. Therefore, it was observed that the female laborers are suffering from various disorders like fever, skin problems, diarrheal diseases, cough, hypertension, gastric problems, etc. Significant percentages (76%) of female laborers do not get an opportunity to take foods during working hour. Around 86% revealed that they do not reach proper nutritional facilities due to lack of knowledge and economic insolvency. The study showed that health services of tea estates are not satisfactory. Highest 65% disclosed that they are using water from river, canal, lake for cooking proposes. A noteworthy portion (78%) of female tea workers does not wash their hands before eating or after toilet. Majority of the respondents use ordinary shared latrine, and these are not sanitary as well as they throw their garbage’s in open places, which contaminated the estates environment. Finally, areas and context-specific data are essential to raise awareness among the tea gardeners about female workers rights and also for future policies and effective surveillance initiatives.

Health and hygiene, female workers, tea garden, Sylhet and Bangladesh.

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Chowdhury, N., Ahad, M., Chowdhury, M., Kundu, I., & Islam, T. (2018). Health and Hygiene Condition of Female Tea Workers: A Study in Three Tea Gardens of Sylhet District. Asian Journal of Agricultural Extension, Economics & Sociology, 26(1), 1-9.
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