Status of Bodichitta (Ziziphus buddhensis) Cultivation and Its Prospects in Nepal

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Huma Neupane
Karan Singh Thing
Navraj Upadhayay
Janma Jaya Gairhe


Bodichitta (Ziziphus buddhensis) is a religious plant, the seeds of which are used for meditation purpose. It is different from Zizipus species found in other countries in context of physical characteristics or its habitat requirement, however, there is some resemblance in physical characteristics with Ziziphus montana found in China. A survey study was carried out purposively in selected sites near the Timal village where cultivation of Bodichitta was at commercial as well as subsistence scale. Questionnaire interview was performed on 62 farmers along with the key informants’ interview. The key informants included traders, local leaders and development workers of the region. A transect walk was made across the village to assess the physical situation. The study results showed that this plant species has changed the life of people in the villages namely Timal, Kirtas, Salleni, Pepta, Kharpachowk of Kavre district of Nepal through drastic change in their income. The rise in value of Bodichitta increased the income of the farmers and mean increase per plant per season was found to NRs. 269728.78. Regression analysis shows that factors affecting log of average income include number of female members of the family, type of cultivation and number of fruiting plants. The farmers expressed their satisfaction with the income through Bodichitta cultivation. They also suggest the youth to be involved in the cultivation and business related to Bodichitta, however, farmers report that they lack trainings and support from government or non-government sectors. The result shows the need of training and information access to the farmers regarding production and marketing of Bodichitta so as to extend its cultivation and generate income in a sustainable basis.

Bodichitta, Buddhists, religious value, market expansion

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Neupane, H., Thing, K., Upadhayay, N., & Gairhe, J. (2019). Status of Bodichitta (Ziziphus buddhensis) Cultivation and Its Prospects in Nepal. Asian Journal of Agricultural Extension, Economics & Sociology, 29(1), 1-11.
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