Marketing Efficiency of Orange-Fleshed Sweet Potato (OFSP) (Ipomoea batata (L) Lam) in Nasarawa State, Nigeria

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A. A. Girei
H. M. Turai
F. B. Filli


The study assessed the marketing efficiency of orange fleshed sweet potato in Nasarawa State, Nigeria. The study covered six (6) Local Government Areas out of the thirteen (13). Two (2) LGAs each out of the three (3) Agricultural zones were selected. A random sampling technique was adopted and a sample size of (90) respondents was used. Primary data were collected through structured questionnaire and analyzed using descriptive statistics, and multiple linear regression model was used as tools of analysis. Results of the study showed that 38.9% of the respondents were still young and within the active age of 21-30. Also, majority 77.8% of the OFSP marketers, were married. The regression result of the determinants of OFSP market pricing efficiency shows a coefficient of multiple determination adjusted (R -2) of 0.595 which indicates that 59.5% variation in marketing efficiency of OFSP is explained by the independent variables. The independent variable marital status was positively significant at 1% level of probability which implies that an increase in marital status will increase the marketing of OFSP at 1% level of probability while input level though significant but was inversely significant at 5% level of probability and this implies that an increase in input level will have a decrease in the input level at 5% level of probability. Age of Respondent, gender, years of experience, quantity marketed and educational level was not significant. The study recommended that young, active and educated youths in the study area should take up OFSP marketing as a profitable venture that is capable of generating employment and self-reliance, instead of relying on government jobs.

Marketing, efficiency, sweet potato, determinants

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Girei, A. A., Turai, H. M., & Filli, F. B. (2019). Marketing Efficiency of Orange-Fleshed Sweet Potato (OFSP) (Ipomoea batata (L) Lam) in Nasarawa State, Nigeria. Asian Journal of Agricultural Extension, Economics & Sociology, 31(1), 1-9.
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