Assessment of Production and Utilization of Black Cumin (Nigella sativa) at the Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia

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Wubeshet Teshome
Dessalegn Anshiso


Background and Objective: Black cuminseed for local consumption and other importance, such as oil and oil rosin for medicinal purposes, export market, crop diversification, income generation, reducing the risk of crop failure and others made it as a best alternative crop under Ethiopian smaller land holdings. The objectives of this study were to examine factors affecting farmer perception of the Black cumin production importance, and assess the crop utilization purpose by smallholder farmers and its income potential for the farmers in two Districts of Bale zone of Oromia regional state in Ethiopia.

Materials and Methods: The survey was conducted from January to May 2018 in two Districts of Oromia region. Questionnaires, focus group discussion and field observation were used to collect data. A total of 180 Black cumin producers were selected randomly from 8 Kebele’s. The responses were analyzed by using descriptive statistics and Probit model in Stata version 13.

Results: The survey result indicated that the majority (95.56%) of the households perceived that production of Black cumin crop is important. The crop used as source of better income, medicinal crop and spice in the study area. From the total mean of agriculture income, Black cumin production contributes about 39.88% to the income the respondents. The  Probit model shows that producers perception of the importance of Black cumin production was found to be statistically and significant affected by age of households, education level, availability of labor for farm activities, access to credit facilities, average income from Black cumin, and its productivity level through time. Conclusion: The agricultural policy should give emphases at all operational level to exploit more benefit from this crop and on the production enhancement strategies, so as to bring foreseen change in the lives of the producers.

Black cumin, perception, production, use, Probitmodel, Ethiopia

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Teshome, W., & Anshiso, D. (2019). Assessment of Production and Utilization of Black Cumin (Nigella sativa) at the Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia. Asian Journal of Agricultural Extension, Economics & Sociology, 31(3), 1-12.
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