Sources of Information & Their Extent of Utilization by Actors in AKIS for Betel Vine Growers in Nadia District of West Bengal

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Manaranjan Biswas
Anindita Saha
Samir Ranjan Dash


Studying Agriculture Knowledge Information System (AKIS) in terms of generation, dissemination, transformation, utilization, storage and retrieval of knowledge and information is needed for agriculture development.  A study was conducted in Nadia district of West Bengal and Betel vine growers, Extensionist, Researchers were considered as respondents. Cultivation of betel vine is one of the most important horticultural crops at it is gradually increasing its popularity in the Nadia district as cash crop. It is observed that in- adequate information regarding Betel vine production in the sampled areas, almost cent percent growers were using their own traditional planting materials since long and growing their crops with their indigenous knowledge, skill and their past experiences. They have little awareness regarding the improved method of cultivation. The study further indicated that the respondents were receiving better information and technical knowhow about betel vine cultivation from Opinion leader, participating in training programmes, discussing with Extension personnels, input dealers, neighbours and different NGOs and to some extent from electronic media. The respondents treated relatives, neighbours and co-operatives as better credible sources followed by demonstration, campaign, Argil. University expert, Krishi-mela, Leaflet and Input dealers and electronic media to some extent. Establishment of research station, transfer knowledge information system and marketing system might be useful for realising better return on betel vine cultivation and young farmers are quite enthusiastic to cultivate the betel vine and promotion of this crop should be continued in the other parts of the district for gainful employment through need based and location specific  technology  support system. 

(AKIS) agricultural knowledge information system, researcher, extensionists, technology development and transfer, integration, diffusion and utilization of information

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Biswas, M., Saha, A., & Dash, S. (2019). Sources of Information & Their Extent of Utilization by Actors in AKIS for Betel Vine Growers in Nadia District of West Bengal. Asian Journal of Agricultural Extension, Economics & Sociology, 32(4), 1-6.
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