Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Challenges in Agriculture Markets

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Bankim L. Radadiya
Parag C. Shukla


Agriculture market provides more scopes and benefits to the farmers. By using emerging technologies and using internet and online facilities, now farmers can directly participate in the auction and they can bid the same. Here, in this research paper we discuss about the SWOC (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Challenges) analysis of agriculture market. Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Challenges in Agriculture. Strength covers the points like Strong links with the government providing subsidies. Nationwide presence. High control over all the operations within the production process. Even government vision is to encourage the consistency, standardization in agriculture marketplace by restructuring the measures between consumers and suppliers. [1] Actual value sighting is constructed on demand and supply. Weakness covers the points like Farmer already have strong attachment to existing local marketers. Lacks of confirmed market positioning. Opportunity covers the points like Farmer will get the benefits that whole process of auction will be based on quality of product and it will be totally transparent. Farmer will get the timely payment through online. All the APMC in the countries will come under the joint online marketplace. In APMC farmer will get the benefit by the state government, but in eNam is a national agriculture market in which farmer will get the exposure of nationwide. Challenges cover the points like Participating all the APMC’s through one joint connected marketplace. Already too much competition within the market is there. So many current participants are already contributing the undistinguishable products.

Agriculture, market, SWOC, eNam, APMC, e-Governance.

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Radadiya, B., & Shukla, P. (2019). Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Challenges in Agriculture Markets. Asian Journal of Agricultural Extension, Economics & Sociology, 33(2), 1-7.
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