Constraints Faced by the Farmers and Their Remedies in Technological Adoption of Potato Production in Farrukhbad District (Uttar Pradesh)

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Mishra Amit Kumar
R. K. Dohrey
Kumar Roop
Pandey Ravindra Kumar
Kumar Akshay


Potato is one of the main vegetable crops of the world. It is grown in the winter season in India. Potato production all over the world is about 382 million tonnes. Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Bihar are top three states for potato production in India. The objective of this study is to rank the constraints of using technology among farmers in India for potato production. In the adoption of potato production technology, the social constraints like lack of contact with extension personnel' had got ranked I. In case of economic constraints, ‘low profit had got ranked I. Most of the suggestion being made because of the expressed opinion of the respondents, observation of the investigator. It may be said protection of crop should be ensured from animals and farmers training programme for increasing potato production farmingstarted, and emphasis must be given to popularize and increase awareness about the production of potato.

Potato growers, constraints and suggestion.

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Kumar, M., Dohrey, R., Roop, K., Kumar, P., & Akshay, K. (2019). Constraints Faced by the Farmers and Their Remedies in Technological Adoption of Potato Production in Farrukhbad District (Uttar Pradesh). Asian Journal of Agricultural Extension, Economics & Sociology, 33(3), 1-4.
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