Assessing the Economic Losses to Buffalo Owners Due to Late Diagnosis of Pregnancy in Their Milch Buffaloes

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Rekha Yadav
Hema Tripathi
Parveen Kumar
Nukala Ramesh


Aim: The present study was conducted purposively to measure the economic losses to buffalo owners due to late diagnosis of pregnancy in their milch buffaloes.

Research Design: Ex-post facto and exploratory research design was used.

Place of the Study: Hisar and Jind districts of Murrah buffalo breeding tract in Haryana, India. Data were collected between June 2017 to December 2017.

Methodology: Data were collected through structured interview schedule from 37 buffalo owners who were taking artificial insemination services from State Department of Animal Husbandry and taking their buffaloes for the pregnancy diagnosis after three months of artificial insemination.

Results: The study revealed that the average per day per buffalo loss was found of Rs. 702 in study area. Average loss incurred by respondents per buffalo on feed was Rs. 5918, on labour Rs. 4155, on milk Rs. 13640 and total economic loss was Rs. 3925 due to late diagnosis of pregnancy.

Conclusion: Thus there is need to create awareness among the farmers regarding advantages of timely pregnancy diagnosis in their animals to minimize these losses in order to get maximum revenue from the animals.

Economic losses, buffalo, late diagnosis of pregnancy

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Yadav, R., Tripathi, H., Kumar, P., & Ramesh, N. (2019). Assessing the Economic Losses to Buffalo Owners Due to Late Diagnosis of Pregnancy in Their Milch Buffaloes. Asian Journal of Agricultural Extension, Economics & Sociology, 33(4), 1-6.
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