Nerica Rice Technology Acquisition through Community Agriculture Development Project in Semi Arid Lands (CADSAL) of Kerio Valley, Kenya

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Rael J. Lagat
David Bunyatta
Nicholas Rop


The aim of Community Agriculture Development Project in Semi-Arid Lands (CADSAL) in Kerio valley was to increase agricultural production in the project area and it used Community Participatory Extension (CPE) approach. A survey methodology was utilized in the study with target population of 480 small-scale farmers who interacted with the project in Kerio valley locations. The objective of the study was to determine and compare the level of performance between the CADSAL participants and non-CADSAL participants in knowledge acquired in NERICA technologies in Kerio Valley of Elgeyo Marakwet County, Kenya. A sample of 160 comprising 80 CADSAL-Participants and 80 Non-CADSAL participants was chosen using simple random sampling.  A structured questionnaire was administered through personal interviews to the respondents at their homes. Descriptive statistics was used to compute percentages, means and standard deviations. Inferential statistics was used which included multiple linear regression and t-test to test the hypothesis at α = 0.05. Data was analyzed using Statistical Package for SocialSciences (SPSS) Version 24.0. The result indicated positive acquisition of NERICA technologies by the community using community participatory extension approach. The t-test p-value of less than 0.05 was achieved upon analysis of data which led to rejection of all the null hypothesis. This means further that community extension approach was key in enhancing the level of acquisition of technology by the farmers and hence extension agents need to utilize participatory approach. The study outcome therefore encourages Community participation in the projects meant to increase knowledge of food production in order to increase food production, accessibility and income both in productivity and diversity of production hence sustainability. 

Agriculture extension, adoption, household, knowledge, rice.

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Lagat, R. J., Bunyatta, D., & Rop, N. (2021). Nerica Rice Technology Acquisition through Community Agriculture Development Project in Semi Arid Lands (CADSAL) of Kerio Valley, Kenya. Asian Journal of Agricultural Extension, Economics & Sociology, 39(1), 35-42.
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