Pro-Agripreneurial Factors for the Formation of Agri-startups in India

Bhagya Vijayan, P. Sethuraman Shivkumar

Page: 1-8
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Agricultural Credit, A Critical Input on Farmers Income: A Study From Nayagarh District of Odisha

Surya Sidhant Rath, Rajkishore Mishra, Upasana Mohapatra

Page: 9-17
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A Search for Suitable Growing Environment for Sesame Production in Nigeria

A. Hussaini, M. Usman, J. Y. Falgore, S. S. Sani, Y. Zakari, H. D. Muktar

Page: 18-33
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Study the Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility Funds of Usha Martin for Socio-economic Development in Ranchi District of Jharkhand

Mayur Gauta, Virendra B. Shahare

Page: 34-45
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Socio-economic Status of the Livestock-rearers in the Flood-prone Districts of Odisha

Jeebanjyoti Behera, Sujeet Kumar Jha, Maneesha Bhuyan, Aditya Kumar Malla

Page: 61-67
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Factors Influencing the Buying Behavior of Hybrid Paddy Seed Growers

Rashmi Pandey, Senthil Vinayagam, M. Krishnan, K. Akhila

Page: 68-77
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Analytical Study of Plastic Mulching in Tuberose and Melons in Dharmapuri District of Tamilnadu

K. Indhumathi, P. S. Shanmugam, M. Sangeetha

Page: 78-86
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Assessment of Technology and Yield Gap of Chickpea in Bundelkhand Region of Uttar Pradesh, India

M. P. Singh, Mukesh Chand, B. K. Gupta, B. P. Mishra, Amit Mishra, . Gaurav, Sunil Kumar

Page: 87-93
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Foundation of Addis Ababa and the Emergence of Safars

Endalew Djirata Fayisa

Page: 103-120
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Analysis of Effects of House Rodents among Farmers in Jos North Local Government Area of Plateau State, Nigeria

P. G. Kughur, E. T. Yanjoh, T. E. Ogbu

Page: 94-102
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The Most Important Agricultural Products that Sudan Exports and the Mechanisms to Develop

Adil Hassan Ibrahim, Eko Priyo Purnomo, Ajree D. Malawani

Page: 121-133
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Potential of Climate Smart Agriculture in Preventing Post Harvest Loses: Instant Fufu Powder Production among Rural Women in Oyo State, Nigeria

F. I. Olagunju, R. O. Babatunde, R. J. Adeojo

Page: 134-145
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Development of a Test to Measure the Knowledge Level of Small Tea Growers on Scientific Tea Cultivation Practices

Suman Parasar, Pabitra Kumar Das, Indrajit Barman, Kangkana Borah, Shabnam Sultana

Page: 146-151
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Socio-Economic Status of Pineapple Growers in Moulvibazar District of Bangladesh

Tumpa Datta, Jiban Krishna Saha, Mohammad Ataur Rahman, Muslima Akter, Md. Rashid Ahmed

Page: 152-161
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Participatory Livelihood Analysis as an Alternative Method for Agricultural Extension Needs-Assessment: Case of a Rural Community in Kenya

Joseph Kipkorir Cheruiyot

Page: 173-187
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Exploring Constraints Faced by Women Entrepreneur in India: An Overview

Anjali Chunera

Page: 46-50
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