Towards Studies on Current Scenario in Export and Import of Silk Goods in India

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D. Elumalai
K. Uma
P. Balaji


The present study an endeavor export and import silk goods data collect and analysis of annual compound growth rates.  China is the biggest consumer of silk in the world next to India second consumer of raw silk and silk fabrics. The study area covers whole country. The analysis was carried out for the period from export and import of silk goods during 1985 to 2017. Compound growth rate of quantity of export silk commodities for significant was 31.66 per cent during the period I (1985-86 to 1987-88). For overall period (1985 to 2016) moderately significant growth in quantity (2.44%), but the growth of value (10.02%) was significant. In import, highest CGR was 29.39 per cent in quantity and 32.02 per cent in value during the period IV (1997-98 to 2001-02). Overall Period (1985-6 to 2016-17) revealed that, highly CGR of quantity and value. In import, the significant and CGR was Uzbekistan, Japan, Korea RP and others during the period II (2007 to 2011). The overall period (1980-81 to 2016-17) there was a negatively significant in the country like China, Brazil and Japan, while, Uzbekistan, Korea RP and Others. The study finally indicated, the significant growth of export and import in all the country viz. USA, HK, UK, UAE, Germany, Spain and others  during from 1985-86 to 2016-17. The overall period (1985-86 to 2016-17), growth rate was found in significant like scarves, Dress materials, and others (spun silk).

Sericulture, raw silk, fabrics, country, export and import.

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Elumalai, D., Uma, K., & Balaji, P. (2020). Towards Studies on Current Scenario in Export and Import of Silk Goods in India. Asian Journal of Agricultural Extension, Economics & Sociology, 38(7), 9-15.
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