Study on Consumer Buying Behavior, Awareness and Preference for A2 Milk in Hyderabad, India

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Vadapally Mounika
B. Ganesh Kumar
. Seema
K. Supriya


Now-a-days almost all trending milk start-ups were following the principles and practices of age-old people. Indians were known to consume the desi milk since ages which is categorized as A2 milk. The concept of A2 milk has again trended when people started realizing the benefits of A2 milk, so market for A2 milk is also increasing rapidly. Around 10 A2 milk firms have emerged over the last 5 years in Hyderabad city, Hence, the study taken up to study consumer buying behaviour, awareness and preference of A2 milk in Hyderabad, Telangana state from January-March 2020. The 120 consumers were selected randomly from segmented areas of selected firms in the study area. Percentages, Chi-square test and factor analysis methods were used to analyse the data. The study revealed that majority of the consumers are well educated, middle aged people having more than 8lakhs annual income. Majority of the consumers were aware about A2 milk consumption increases brain function and A2 milk is a good measure for Type-I diabetes majorly through word-of-mouth and social media. Product quality, product attributes, health benefits, easy accessibility and word of mouth are the five factors which influencing the consumers to purchase A2 milk. Majority of the consumers were purchasing 3-7 litres/week of A2 milk on alternate day and depended upon home delivery for their regular purchase of A2 milk. Family size and annual income of the family had a significant association in determining the quantity of purchase of A2 milk.

A2 milk, buying behaviour, consumer awareness, consumer preference.

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Mounika, V., Kumar, B. G., Seema, ., & Supriya, K. (2020). Study on Consumer Buying Behavior, Awareness and Preference for A2 Milk in Hyderabad, India. Asian Journal of Agricultural Extension, Economics & Sociology, 38(9), 21-29.
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