Profitability Analysis and Factors Influencing Profit Level of Small-Scale Broiler Farmers in Nigeria

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Afodu Osagie John
Shobo Bolatito Adenike
Ayo-Bello Taofeek Ayodeji
Abasilim Chinwe Frances


Broiler birds are widely praised for its palatability and nutritious values which are mainly for meat purpose, and also serves as source of income to many households in Nigeria. The broiler industry is faced with high cost of production thereby reducing the farmers profit. The study was conducted in three Geopolitical zones in Nigeria. A multistage sampling technique was adopted for this study for the selection of 540 broilers farmers out which 392 returned a well filled questionnaire where data were extracted for the study. Data for this study were analysed using descriptive (frequency and percent) budgetary analysis and inferential (Logit regression) statistics. Factors affecting the profit level of broiler farmers were age (γ1= -0.145, p= 10%), households size (γ3= -5.477, p=10%), educational status of the farmers (γ4= 0.228, p= 5%), number of birds (γ7= 0.575, p= 5%), cost of feed (γ8= -1.022, p= 1%), cost of water (γ9= -1.277, p= 1%), cost of drugs (γ10= -1.640, p= 5%) and cost of chick (γ11= -7.104, p= 1%). Young people should be encouraged to be involved in production of broiler, since agriculture has aging population and help in employment creation. Farmers should maintain a low number of households so as to increase their profit. The farmers should have some forms of education on the production of broilers so as to enhance their profit.

Broiler production, factors, logit regression, profitability, profit level, small scale.

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John, A. O., Adenike, S. B., Ayodeji, A.-B. T., & Frances, A. C. (2020). Profitability Analysis and Factors Influencing Profit Level of Small-Scale Broiler Farmers in Nigeria. Asian Journal of Agricultural Extension, Economics & Sociology, 38(9), 127-135.
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