Marketing Strategies of Leading Cotton Seed Companies in Telangana State

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Somannagari Jayasree
N. Sivaramane
P. Radhika
K. Supriya


Marketing strategy is a long-term business plan of any organization with the fundamental  goal of achieving a sustainable competitive advantage by understanding the needs of   customers. This study also evaluates the perception of dealers towards the market mix  elements comprising product, price, promotion and place of the products and services of  competing brands. The study is conducted in southern part of Telangana State constituting Jogulamba Gadwal, Mahabubnagar and Rangareddy districts. The data is collected through    random sampling method covering dealers and number of farmers. Statistical tests like ANOVA, and tools like multidimensional scale were used in this study. The study revealed that most of the dealers are well educated, middle aged people with age group ranging between 30-40   years with the income of more than 7 lakhs per annum. The dealers data after the  application of statistical tools revealed that strategies applied by Kaveri, Rasi and  Nuziveedu are similar whereas the strategies applied by Tata Rallis and other brands like Ajith, Nidhi seeds are different from one another when the product, price, promotion and place elements are considered.

Marketing strategy, customer perception, marketing mix, seed.

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Jayasree, S., Sivaramane, N., Radhika, P., & Supriya, K. (2020). Marketing Strategies of Leading Cotton Seed Companies in Telangana State. Asian Journal of Agricultural Extension, Economics & Sociology, 38(11), 23-33.
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