Dr. Demissu Hundie Senbeta

He is an Assistant Professor, Department of Animal Science, Wollega University, Ethiopia. He was born on 30thNov, 1973 in Ethiopia. He is an author who published about 20 journal manuscripts and a reviewer who had about five Certificate of Excellence for his review. He attained Higher Diploma from Wollega University in 2014, MSc degree in Animal Production from Wollega University in 2012, BSc degree in Animal sciences from Haromaya University in 2007, and Diploma in Animal Health from Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia. He obtained PhD in animal production. Concerning teaching and learning, research and community service delivery, he conducted more than 10 research projects, five community service projects and three development projects in the Wollega University. He, in addition, has been advising 19 MSc and one Ph.D Students among which fifteen MSC students were graduated with great achievement.