Dr. Kaouther Ardhaoui

She is an Assistant Professor of chemistry in the Higher Institute of Applied Biology of Medenine, belonging to the Gabes University in South Tunisia. Her research interests are first on the synthesis, characterization, and thermochemistry of phosphates and apatites. Her work focuses on the study of the thermodynamic stability of synthesized apatite powders like hydroxyapatite, fluorapatite, and britholites. She contributed to the determination of the formation enthalpies of variously substituted britholites through calorimetric measurements. Moreover, she studies the effect of various amendments, like phosphogypsum, compost, and biochar, on arid zone soil. Various soil physicochemical properties are investigated, particularly kinetic carbon mineralization, which is related to the constraint of carbon sequestration in soil. Additionally, she studies the effect of new teaching and evaluation techniques on the achievement and motivation of students at the university. Her research specialization includes materials, thermochemistry, soil physio-chemistry and educational sciences.